How do you navigate the emotional labyrinth of foster parenting during a global pandemic? Join us for a special episode featuring Laney Gibney and her husband, Matt, as they unfold their inspiring journey into the world of fostering. Drawing from Laney’s deep roots in social work and her personal experiences within the foster care system, this episode offers a raw and heartfelt look at the realities of becoming trauma-informed caregivers. From the initial decision to foster to the unexpected arrival of two young girls, Laney and Matt’s story is a testament to the power of love, patience, and unwavering dedication.

Laney and Matt share the profound challenges and rewards they encountered while creating a safe and nurturing environment for children with traumatic backgrounds. We explore their experiences during the pandemic, the behavioral challenges they faced, and the critical role of trauma-informed care. Their narrative sheds light on how unconditional love and patience can transform not only the lives of foster children but also of foster parents themselves. The couple’s journey underscores the importance of specialized trauma training, maintaining a calm presence, and the healing power of play and art therapy.

As we delve deeper into the emotional complexities of fostering, Laney offers invaluable insights into the necessity of community support and practical ways to assist foster families. From personal anecdotes of unexpected blessings to the significance of self-care and grace, this episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for current and prospective foster parents. Tune in to grasp the profound impact of fostering personal growth and be inspired by the resilience and dedication required to uplift and support children in need.

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