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Trauma Informed Church

This episode is a heartfelt exploration of the ways we, as a church body, can better recognize and respond to the pain beneath the surface. From the importance of simple gestures like a cup of coffee invitation to the transformative power of patient listening, we discuss the balance between sharing and oversharing within our faith communities.Read more

Life After Miscarriage and Parenting Autism

As the night yields to dawn, we depart with a chorus of encouragement for every soul tuned in. Rachel's forthcoming novel, "Walking on Hidden Wings," stands as a symbol of hope, a reminder that the narrative of our lives continues to unfold in the most unexpected of ways.Read more

Finding Strength in Faith: Personal Journeys of Resilience and Healing

The power of faith often shines brightest against the darkness of adversity, and that's what our guests' narratives illuminate—each a beacon guiding us through forgiveness, acceptance, and the arduous path to recovery. From a mother's relentless hope during her daughter's mental health crisis to a miraculous turn of events following a devastating car accident, these stories are not just spoken; they are lived testaments to faith's enduring presence.Read more

When the Innocent Suffer: Navigating Trauma and Restoration

Healing from the invisible wounds of childhood trauma is a journey many embark on, but few speak about with such candor and depth as we do on our podcast. Anchored by the emotionally resonant words of Antoine Fisher's poetry, our latest episode explores the profound effects of early adversities and the resilient spirit that can emerge in the face of such challenges.Read more

Valentine’s Day Reflections: Embracing Perfect Love Beyond Trauma and Fear

This episode is particularly resonant for anyone who has faced the deep pain of domestic abuse. I recount my personal journey of surviving and escaping a violent marriage, and the conflicting emotions of relief and sorrow that surfaced after my abuser's passing. Through this lens, we examine the challenge of unconditional love and forgiveness.Read more
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